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Nice and accessible compilation of Cinderella variations, with a thoughtful introduction to the compilation as a whole as well as to each individual variation. Cinderella Story PDF EBook I only read a few of the story variations, but was quite taken with "Dona Labismina." (It was, I believe, a Portuguese or Latin American variant, in which a princess was born with a snake around her neck and would consult this titular snake- PDFsister for help along the otherwise-typical unnatural-father-Cinderella-tale. The snake-sister lived in the ocean, and extracted a promise from her human sister to fetch her when the princess was happily married, so she could be transformed into a human princess as well. The princess forgets to rescue her sister, and the story ends with a note on that being why the oceans rage and lash against the shore.) Like this book? Read online this: The Perfect Princess (Princess Protection Program, #2), Cinderella.

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