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Reading this right after William Whyte's The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, I found Cities for a Small Country a disappointing read. Cities For A Small Country PDF EBookI'd mentioned that Whyte's book did not feel dated at all, even though I was reading it some thirty years after its initial publication in 1980.I can't say the same for Cities for a Small Country, which was published in 2000.The main problem with Cities for a Small Country is that it's largely a descriptive/narrative work with very little by way of analysis, arguments or insights.What are the challenges facing cities - PDF depopulation, changes in the economic structure, income inequality, environmental degradation, etc. A description of the problem of urban blight and urban flight. A description of the woes facing cities that have moved towards a car-dependent model of transport. And so on.The thing is, these issues - ten years on - have been talked and analysed extensively in the media and other publications.Because Rogers and Powers' book doesn't go beyond a narrative of the issues - sort of a grand highlights tour of urban issues if you will - it's not terribly interesting or useful to anyone with a passing interest in cities.Unless you haven't been reading the papers in the past decade or studiously ignored all writing on urban issues.

The best part of the book was perhaps the case studies on cities like Curitiba, Copenhagen, Birmingham, Newcastle and what some of the local authorities in London have done to revitalise and rejuvenate the urban landscape.(But again, these examples are fairly well known and have often been cited in other writings.)It's a real pity because the title of the book - Cities for a Small Country - held such promise.More one and a half stars, rather than two. Like this book? Read online this: Cities and Thrones and Powers, In the Small, Small Pond and Other Stories That Rhyme.

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