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Gypsies, vagabonds and charlatans, the cunning vampires of Clan Ravnos roam the night as they indulge in the most dangerous of games — lying to the liars, tricking the tricksters, and gleefully receiving curses from the Damned. Clanbook PDF EBook From Bel Air to Bombay, from Shanghai to Sarajevo, these nomadic vampires wander where their citybound Kindred fear to tread. Now learn of the Ravnos' secret arts, and the centuries of hate that can lie behind a jester's smile.

Clanbook: Ravnos includes:
* The history of the clan, from Mohenjo Daro to Birkenau.
* Information on Ravnos around the world, and the bitter schism between Gypsy and giorgio.
* New Merits, Flaws and Chimerstry powers. Like this book? Read online this: Johnny and the Vampires of Versailles (Vampires of the Tower, #2), I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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