Class Reunion

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Jennifer Moreland decided to attend her high school reunion in the hopes of freeing herself once and for all from the devastating power of past heartbreak. Class Reunion PDF EBook But when she comes face to face with her first lover, she is overcome by a rush of desire that threatens to ignite the dangerous flames of rekindled passion... Sheila Hoyt's reckless spirit and burning sensual need have always spelled trouble with a capital T. But her bedroom eyes, still beckoned with the promises of past ecstasy and her lush body belied a history of cruel betrayal. She wanted Jennifer, the way she wanted her before. And Sheila always got what she wanted... Heather O'Brian has come a long way from her ugly duckling days when braces and thick glasses made her the butt of her classmates cruelty. Despite the painful memories, she has returned to fulfill a secret yearning - PDF a chance to capture the heart of the woman she loves. Like this book? Read online this: All I Ever Wanted, Reunion.

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