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It's difficult to say whether it's something to do with the pacing and style of story, or just the plain horrible artwork that's a cross between a 2001- PDFKubrick style lightshow fantasia and someone vomiting uncontrollably over the page. Classic Star Wars PDF EBookEither way, this comic adaptation of Lucas' classic movie falls somewhat short, to the extent that I'm struggling to offer even the most ardent Star Wars fan a good reason to pick this up and spend time with it.I suppose the fact that it's the first Star Wars comic and an important piece of Star Wars history.But then again, there's a lot of early Star Wars paraphernalia that helped market the phenomenen at the time that it's just best to forget nowadays ... the 1978 TV Holiday Special springs to mind.

What I'm saying is that I'm even struggling to motivate myself to write a review for a book that was just a mediocre adaptation of a decent script.Where the visuals fall so flat, the dialogue fails to ring out and the story doesn't take on any weight, meaning or purpose.It's interesting, I guess, to compare the failure of this to the the success of the movie which achieves so much more with the same plot and dialogue. (there are slight alterations to the plot here - extra scenes with Biggs and a non-slug like Jabba, but you can hear these and more in the much better Star Wars Radio adaptation from a similar period) Like this book? Read online this: Star Wars Movie Theater Storybook & Lightsaber Projector, Star Wars Rebels (Star Wars: Servants of the Empire #4).

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