Cliff of the Ruin

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There are three good reasons why dashing Civil War hero and New York lawyer William Teague cannot tell artist Mae Kendrick he's in love with her. Cliff of the Ruin PDF EBook One, she told him he was dull. Two, she is the niece of an important client. Three, she just hired him to find the man she doesn't remember marrying.

As Will unravels this peculiar case, he makes a shocking discovery about Mae's childhood, one that shifts the investigation to the place of her birth—Ireland.

But on the voyage overseas, circumstances become increasingly bizarre. Mae is taunted by ghost- PDFlike visions, and Will is pursued by a beautiful stranger who might be trying to kill him. When Mae suddenly vanishes, Will is forced to enter a thin place, an ancient monastic ruin leading to Ireland's Celtic otherworld, in what becomes a race against time to find her. But are Will's war-honed instincts any match for the alluring forces of Irish legend? Can he protect Mae from the apparitions of her past? And how far beyond the breaking point can secret love be tested?

A captivating tale of mystery and self-discovery, Cliff of the Ruin escorts the reader into a mythical world to explore the ever-hazy lines between romanticism and love, regret and repentance, wishful thinking and hope. Like this book? Read online this: For the Love of Ireland, Cliff Dwellings.

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