Cloaked in Shadow

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Elves aren't always creatures of the light. Cloaked in Shadow PDF EBook Some elves thrive in the darkness, stalking their unwary victims for their own twisted pleasure. Sometimes they hunt and kill for the mere thrill. Sometimes their motives are beyond all human understanding. Inside this anthology you will find elven assassins, kidnappers, and conspirators. You will find elves who are who are reaching from beyond the grave and those who are throwing away the heritage of their wood- PDFaddled brethren. And you will find human beings who are struggling to survive as they find themselves caught up in the games that Sidhe play. Includes twenty-two short stories of dark fantasy and horror. In "Bad Company" by K. D. Wentworth, a New York cop must survive a harrowing night in Central Park, a land that opens up into the realm of the fey. In "Juniper" by Elaine Cunningham, an aging Strega battles to save the life of a child from linchetto, night elves feared as bringers of nightmares. In "Rotten Blood" by Murray Leeder, a deranged elf seeks to inflict a plague upon his people. In "Celebrant" by Gerard Daniel Houarner, a grieving widower becomes the plaything of a seductive elf. Like this book? Read online this: Play and Find Out about Math, Shadow's Master (Shadow Saga, #3).

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