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I wanted to like this, I really did. Cloud Prophet Trilogy PDF EBook I've read the first two books, but it's been two months and I have no desire to read the third one. The plot is solid and interesting, and I can't find fault with it. It's everything I usually look for in a fantasy novel. It's the characters that let me down, more specifically the chemistry between them.
One moment Reychelle is meeting Mark and a few pages later she's confessing that she's in love with him and everyone else is saying they already knew. It was a little ridiculous. There was very little interaction between them beforehand, and they only met alone once.
Then there was Reychelle herself. Yes, she had been through a lot and her friend had betrayed her, but when she returned to the place she grew up as a slave, I didn't buy it when she said she had changed and she wasn't the same person anymore. In fact, up to that point, the only thing she had been through was her friend's betrayal. The real test came afterwards. I wouldn't have thought she had changed if she hadn't said it. She changed afterwards, not before. The character development was all over the place.
I felt the climax of the first book just wasn't enough to hold an entire book. If I hadn't bought it as a trilogy, I wouldn't have any incentive to buy the second one. The ending fell flat. Looking at the entire trilogy as one book, however, does make it a little better, especially when you factor in the ending of the second book. The tension does rise, but on their own, I don't think the books can hold out.
I might read the third book one day, and I'll edit my review when I do, but I have other books that do hold my interest to read first. Like this book? Read online this: The Book Nobody Read, Prophet #42.

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