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Murders and other violent crimes often leave an indelible mark on society. Cold Cases PDF EBook The 18th- PDFcentury murder of "Beautiful Cigar Girl" Mary Rogers helped the then newly emerging tabloid papers become a fixture in the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration was spurred into requiring electronic screening of passengers and carry-on luggage by a series of highly-publicized hijackings. Abductions of youth gave birth to Amber Alerts and advertising missing children on milk cartons. And popular TV shows like "Law and Order," "CSI," and "Cold Case" document our fascination with police investigations, heinous criminals, and the complicated aftermath of their actions.

This book examines 40 well-known cases of unsolved murders and suspected abductions over a period of over 160 years. Cases are organized chronologically to give readers insight into the evolution of criminal investigation techniques and forensics in the last century and a half. Later chapters detail how modern forensics were used in attempts to solve old cold cases or helped generate new leads. Like this book? Read online this: Cases & Materials on Federal Indian Law, Use Cases.

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