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Well, for one of the first times, not only did I feel stupid but I hated reading this. Collage City PDF EBook Maybe that makes me a bad architecture student.I think in general I'm much better at reading fiction than non fiction, but in this case the subject matter was pretty uninteresting, mostly because I think I actually understood about 4% of the book.It was a little sad, because the book has some great pictures of neat places with cool ideas that light up even when just placed side by side.Every once in a while something would spark my interest/understanding- PDF the foxes versus hedgehogs, the discussion of main street posing Ithaca against Disney, etc.My guess is that to get more out of this one, you would need a lot of time to look up each foreign concept or a pretty good background in philosophy, which I certainly don't have nor really wish to have.I think it comes back to the idea the humans understand in small steps, not large leaps.I just didn't have any steps close enough to stretch to meet this one. Like this book? Read online this: Aiming for Level 3 Reading. Student Book, The Collage Poems of Drafts.

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