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This is the mother of all books on yiddish. College Yiddish PDF EBook Once you get into it, the texts in it get better and better. A lot of them are totally hilarious. There's one about a kind of simple guy and he's going to be married, and it's all aranged, right, so he never met the bride before. there's this part of a jewish wedding where the couple is alone for the first time. so he's all nervous about that, and he doesn't know what to say. someone tells him, ask her about herself, and then ask her about her family, and then talk about philosophy. so the big day comes, and the moment he's been dreading. he's thinking, "ask her about herself." he asks, "do you like noodles?" she says yes. he's doesn't know what to say so he thinks, "ask about her family." he asks, "do you have any brothers?" she says "no." he thinks, "philosophy" so he asks her, "if you had a brother, would he like noodles?" the more yiddish you learn, the more stuff like that there is for you to discover. Like this book? Read online this: Money Doesn't Talk, It Kills, Hooray for Yiddish!.

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