Computation Structures

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"Computation Structures" integrates thorough coverage of digital logic design with a comprehensive presentation of computer architecture. Computation Structures PDF EBook It contains a wealth of information for anyone who designs computers or works with computer systems. Indeed, the authors' goal is to teach people to look at systems, as a whole, without being bound by the artificial interfaces that are often used to train specialist engineers. Ward and Halstead demystify the construction of computing hardware by illustrating how it is built up from digital circuits through higher- PDFlevel components to processors and memories and emphasizing how the design of hardware is affected by its intended use. The book is firmly based in the real world, with pertinent discussions of the many trade-off decisions practicing engineers must confront. Throughout the book, the authors use the running example of the MAYBE computer—a simple microarchitecture that readers can construct and operate—to establish connections between theory and real-world practice.

Among the topics addressed are the digital abstracts; download; combinatorial devices and circuits; the synthesis of digital systems; finite-state machines; control structures and disciplines; performance measures and trade-offs; communication; interpretation; microinterpreter architectures; microprogramming; single-sequence machines; stack, register, and memory architectures; RISC machines; processes; interrupts and priorities; and architectural horizons. Like this book? Read online this: Engineer's Mini-Notebook Digital Logic Circuits, Parameterized and Exact Computation.

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