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Pldquo; download; I have been fascinated with concurrency ever since I added threading support to the Common Language Runtime a decade ago. Concurrent Programming on Windows PDF EBook Thatrsquo;s also where I met Joe, who is a world expert on this topic. These days, concurrency is a first- PDForder concern for practically all developers. Thank goodness for Joersquo;s book. It is a tour de force and I shall rely on it for many years to come.rdquo; Pndash;Chris Brumme, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Pldquo;I first met Joe when we were both working with the Microsoft CLR team. At that time, we had several discussions about threading and it was apparent that he was as passionate about this subject as I was. Later, Joe transitioned to Microsoftrsquo;s Parallel Computing Platform team where a lot of his good ideas about threading could come to fruition. Most threading and concurrency books that I have come across contain information that is incorrect and explains how to solve contrived problems that good architecture would never get you into in the first place. Joersquo;s book is one of the very few books that I respect on the matter, and this respect comes from knowing Joersquo;s knowledge, experience, and his ability to explain concepts.rdquo; Pndash;Jeffrey Richter, Wintellect Pldquo;There are few areas in computing that are as important, or shrouded in mystery, as concurrency. Itrsquo;s not simple, and Duffy doesnrsquo;t claim to make it sondash;but armed with the right information and excellent advice, creating correct and highly scalable systems is at least possible. Every self-respecting Windows developer should read this book.rdquo; Pndash;Jonathan Skeet, Software Engineer, Clearswift Pldquo;What I loveabout this book is that it is both comprehensive in its coverage of concurrency on the Windows platform, as well as very practical in its presentation of techniques immediately applicable to real-world software development. Joersquo;s book is a lsquo;must haversquo; resource for anyone building native or managed code Windows applications that leverage concurrency!rdquo; Pndash;Steve Teixeira, Product Unit Manager, Parallel Computing Platform, Microsoft Corporation Pldquo;This book is a fabulous compendium of both theoretical knowledge and practical guidance on writing effective concurrent applications. Joe Duffy is not only a preeminent expert in the art of developing parallel applications for Windows, hersquo;s also a true student of the art of writing. For this book, he has combined those two skill sets to create what deserves and is destined to be a long-standing classic in developersrsquo; hands everywhere.rdquo; Pndash;Stephen Toub, Program Manager Lead, Parallel Computing Platform, Microsoft Pldquo;As chip designers run out of ways to make the individual chip faster, they have moved towards adding parallel compute capacity instead. Consumer PCs with multiple cores are now commonplace. We are at an inflection point where improved performance will no longer come from faster chips but rather from our ability as software developers to exploit concurrency. Understanding the concepts of concurrent programming and how to write concurrent code has therefore become a crucial part of writing successful software. With Concurrent Programming on Windows, Joe Duffy has done a great job explaining concurrent concepts from the fundamentals through advanced techniques. The detailed descriptions of algorithms and their interaction with the underlying hardware turn a complicated subject into something very approachable. This book is the perfect companion to have at your side while writing concurrent software for Windows.rdquo; Pndash;Jason Zander, General Manager, Visual Studio, Microsoft Pldquo;When you begin using multi-threading throughout an application, the importance of clean architecture and design is critical. . . . This places an emphasis on understanding not only the platformrsquo;s capabilities but also emerging best practices. Joe does a great job interspersing best practices alongside theory throughout his book.rdquo; Pndash; From the Foreword by Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation PAuthor Joe Duffy has risen to the challenge of explaining how to write software that takes full advantage of concurrency and hardware parallelism. In Concurrent Programming on Windows, he explains how to design, implement, and maintain large-scale concurrent programs, primarily using C# and C++ for Windows. PDuffy aims to give application, system, and library developers the tools and techniques needed to write efficient, safe code for multicore processors. This is important not only for the kinds of problems where concurrency is inherent and easily exploitablendash;such as server applications, compute-intensive image manipulation, financial analysis, simulations, and AI algorithmsndash;but also for problems that can be speeded up using parallelism but require more effortndash;such as math libraries, sort routines, report generation, PConcurrent Programming on Windows has four major sections#58; The first introduces concurrency at a high level, followed by a section that focuses on the fundamental platform features, inner workings, and API details. Next, there is a section that describes common patterns, best practices, algorithms, and data structures that emerge while writing concurrent software. The final section covers many of the common system-wide architectural and process concerns of concurrent programming. PThis is the only book yoursquo;ll need in order to learn the best practices and common patterns for programming with concurrency on Windows and .NET. Pnbsp; Like this book? Read online this: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications on a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System Package, dBASE 5 for Windows Programming for Dummies.

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