Contemporary Abstract Algebra

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This book is OK as far as presenting abstract algebra in the usual way to undergrads. Contemporary Abstract Algebra PDF EBook Competent explanations of the basics of groups, rings, and fields. Numerous easy exercises, which is fine, although it might be nice if there were more challenging ones too.

There are two problems.

The first problem is, I don't believe in the purely abstract approach to teaching a first course in algebra which this book uses. This book doesn't give you any real idea what the heck algebra is good for and doesn't provide any real connections to anything else. The attempts to liven things up with silly quotes and bios give the book a condescending middle school type feel. I would rather the author attract readers' interest by showing them the power of the algebraic structures discussed. Groups and rings are extremely powerful concepts, but to read this book you would think they are just a game where you write down some axioms and see what random statements you can prove. (None of this is unique to this book. It seems students are simply not expected to see algebra put to any use until grad school, if at all.)

The second problem is, this book sells for $170. There is no excuse for this. It is simply disgusting. No one should buy this book or require it for a course at such an exorbitant price. It doesn't do your laundry or cook you breakfast. A $12 Dover book would do fine. Like this book? Read online this: Diary of a Wimpy Villager (Book 5) (Book 5): (An unofficial Minecraft book), Abstract 05|06.

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