Controlled Desires (Alpha Doms, #2)

PDF EBook by Christin Lovell

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** Please note that this title is intended for audiences age(s) 18 & download; older. Controlled Desires (Alpha Doms, #2) PDF EBook**

As a plus size woman in a world where size matters, Sara didn’t think she would find someone to love her full frame…

Until her new landlord stopped by.

Desi scented his mate for over a week before he went to her. It was unusual for a wolf to be mated to a human. But with one look at nature’s chosen one for him, he was in love.

If his mate won’t let go of her inhibitions though, this alpha will have to take control. Not that he minds… Like this book? Read online this: Wolf Mate (Mate #4), Access Controlled.

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