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The narrator is afraid of the cold. People say he responds to the cold the same way others respond to bad odour. Cool Air is why he can't stand a draught of cool air and why he acts the way he does when the weather starts to change.
'It is a mistake to fancy that horror is associated inextricably with darkness, silence, and solitude.
I found it in the glare of mid- PDFafternoon, in the clangour of a metropolis, and in the teeming midst of a shabby and commonplace rooming-house with a prosaic landlady and two stalwart men by my side.'
Looking for a better and still affordable place to live in New York the narrator, a writer who has to work for some magazine, finds a four-storey house where traffic seems to be the only annoying thing.

Three weeks later, an ammonia leak from the fourth floor introduces his upstairs neighbour. Dr. Muñ download; oz is a man with peculiar habits. After a heart attack, the narrator comes to the doctor for help. It marks the beginning of a strange friendship. Still, his neighbour's appearance doesn't leave a good first impression. He doesn't look right and 'the abnormal always excites aversion, distrust, and fear'.
The doctor's apartment is cold and he is very interested in death. Even though he is obviously ill, he refuses to get help. Dr. Muñoz uses cold to stay alive and whole, but he also doesn't laugh at 'incantations of the mediaevalist' because he believes he can find helpful formulae in them.
While watching the doctor's decline, the narrator soon begins to realize the truth behind his bizarre behaviour. Like this book? Read online this: Fish Change Direction in Cold Weather, Cool It.

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