Cooper's Women

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This book is such a trashy, gossip- PDFfilled thing! I'm embarrassed to have read it, but at the same time I found it fascinating. Cooper's Women PDF EBook It's not really a biography, and it doesn't go into lots of detail about Gary Cooper's films.Instead it focuses on Cooper's many romantic conquests and his legendary status as a ladies' man. It's written in an almost fanfiction-ish way, with long stretches of imagined dialog between, say, Carole Lombard and Coop, or Coop and Grace Kelly.It's crazy.Not rigorously footnoted, trustworthy non-fiction, that's for sure.

Still, it does give one a peek into the lusty goings-on of early Hollywood, and I must admit to a guilty enjoyment.Gary Cooper in his prime was one of the sexiest men around, so it's hard not to have at least a little bit of prurient interest in his affairs.One thing you can say about him — he was a sweet, nice guy, in spite of the philandering.None of the women he was involved with really had a bad word to say about him, even those who were most hurt by him, like his wife Rocky and his most serious extramarital affair, Patricia Neal.In fact most of the women mentioned in the book still seemed a little bit (or maybe a lot) in love with him even years later. Like this book? Read online this: Coop De Grace, Cooper's Hawk.

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