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This is an epic book in every sense of the word. Copendium PDF EBookLarge, snakeskin bound, and containing the most righteous of writings on rock and roll's underbelly that befits the arch drude of Wessex's legendary status.And it's taken me most of the second half of this year to read it.

Copendium is a compilation of Julian Cope's "album of the month" reviews from his headheritage website, in which he explores (mostly) rare, lost or overlooked gems from music history, from the 1950s to the new millennium.Just as Van Gogh, and many others, were not celebrated in their lifetimes, Cope asserts, that in the fullness of time, it is the artists from these pages who will be celebrated as the true heroes of rock and roll, long after the Beatles and The Stones have been forgotten (but not the Velvets).And he writes with such passion, conviction and knowledge that you can almost believe him.

I have tracked down a number of albums from the book, and seen a few youtube clips of other artists (where it was possible to find them) and have now also fallen for the brilliance of Musiccargo, Matt Baldwin and Vision Creation Newsun amongst many others.But I have to confess to being left cold by the sight and sound of many of the heavy metallers and axe wielders that Cope feels should rightfully be drinking blood in Valhalla with Odin by now.For instance, Lord Sir Baltimore are cited so often that the sound I eventually heard could never hope to live up to the billing that Cope gives them.

But although this book should be about the music, as much as anything it's about the mythical man beast of Julian Cope himself.His anecdotes, insights and fluid writing style are a joy to read (as anyone who has read "Head On" would know). Sir Julian, I salute you.

And to cap it all, at the back are Danskrocksampler, Postpunksampler, Detroitrocksampler, Glamrocksampler - PDF fascinating insights into scenes, times and genres that music history has overlooked, simplified or misunderstood (or all three).In particular his writing on punk, and post-punk are every bit as insightful and acerbic as you would expect them to be.

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