Country Pursuits

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The gorgeous women of Churchminster know exactly what they want - PDF a constant flow of champagne (on tap at the local pub) and the love of a good man. Country Pursuits PDF EBook

But faced with the likes of braying, beer-guzzling farmer Angus, foul-tempered Lord Fraser and suave banker Sebastian (devoted only to himself), their attentions are increasingly drawn to more attractive possibilities . . .

Meanwhile, when a part of their beloved village comes under threat from a villainous property developer and his bulldozer, the community is united by a different kind of passion.

Can they raise enough money to save Churchminster? Will Mick Jagger turn up to the charity ball?

And can a person actually die from too much extra-marital sex? Like this book? Read online this: Gorgeous for Good, Literary Studies and the Pursuits of Reading.

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