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The West — what we see in the Coors commercials and SUV ads on television — has been bastardized by too many dive- PDFin espresso kiosks, glitzy ski lodges, swank dude ranches and flyfishing guides in pastel waders who serve champagne and caviar in their drift boats. Coyote Nowhere PDF EBook Coyote Nowhere shows what's real, all the while conveying the wonder and awe of this wild, elegant land.And there are the people. The ranchers whose lives revolve around their cattle, their land, the merciless weather — blizzards, drought, wind, lightning that blasts down on a soul with unrelenting force. Native Americans clinging to tradition and natural wisdom. We're dragged into the ragged coulees, eroding bluffs, parched alkali flats and streams by an overwhelming need to confront this vastness. This is what is shown in Coyote Nowhere — the absolute power that comes from the recognition of an individual's relative insignificance standing far out in the middle of all this — unprotected, often terrified, truly alive.

Coyote Nowhere is a fun read filled with verbal and photographic images that capture the rough-hewn, weathered wisdom of the people and the land. Like this book? Read online this: The Land and People of the Philippines, Sky Coyote (The Company, #2).

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