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At 16, I found this 1967 book in our high school library and fell in love with DNA. Crime and Science PDF EBook I wanted to become a coroner for a police department. This was long before all those crime- PDFsolving TV shows, so for a book to inspire a teenager in a town of 500 people, with 25 in my graduating class,you know the prose has to be riveting. The mystery I never solved is who ever thought to donate that book to our little library. The only other reading material I ever found there was the Zane Grey collection, which I'd exhausted and outgrown. Science books were hard to come by. My dad's Red Cross First Aid book from the Army was the only riveting book in our home.

Every case study in "Crime and Science" intrigued me, especially when some of them inspired movies (e.g. Harrison Ford in The Fugitive).

Decades after reading this in high school, I still remembered the story of "Skimmer" Teste boating along the river to pick up trash and finding pieces of a little girl named Lucy Berlin. Only with DNA evidence could her killer be convicted. How could a man cut a girl into little pieces and throw her into the river? That's one question even DNA may never answer: the genesis of evil, along with the failure of the human race to evolve above it.

I never did make a career of science (high school physics eluded me, and I couldn't balance equations in Algebra), but I continue to love science, and it was the find of a lifetime to order an old copy of this book from amazon. Next up, some Crick and Watson. Dawkins' "River Out of Eden" is marvelous for anyone with a DNA fetish. "Crime and Science" will be on my list of favorites for decades to come. Like this book? Read online this: Book of Science Stuff, Everyday Assessment in the Science Classroom (Science Educators' Essay Collection Book 2).

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