Cub in the Cupboard (Animal Ark, #8)

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A poor mother fox is trapped in a steel trap she has one young fox left and two kids name Mandy Hope and James Hunter help the mother by taking care of the young fox till both foxes are strong enough to go in the wild. Cub in the Cupboard (Animal Ark, #8) PDF EBook I chose this book because the title seemed very interesting to me, also the picture drew me in. Mandy seemed like she was the most interesting character because she is adventurous in the woods and she loves taking care of animals with her mom and dad in animal ark. The least interesting person may have to be James because I feel like he is a side kick of Mandy. He follows her around and does what she says like a puppy. Even though he is trying to be a good friend.

My favorite part of the book has to be when the baby fox health improved. My least favorite part of the book was when Mandy and James had to see the helpless mother fox almost die in the woods. Reading Mandy cried her eyes out when she saw this made me relate, when one of my animals were dieing. A important symbol in the book has to be the young fox which they called lucky to me the fox represents new life and a new begging. I would like to tell the author of how he did a really nice job with the book, it was a book with very descriptive writing and also it was just a very excellent story. I would properly trade places with James, Because I feel like I would be more help then he is. Instead of James agreeing to let the animals go into the wild I would tell Mandy to keep the animals in the animal ark to be in a safer environment.

"Mandy felt the tears roll down her cheeks, She would miss lucky so much but she knew that a wild animal belonged in the wild" to me that quote is very interesting because even though Mandy wanted the mother and lucky to be with her and James she let those emotions go, so that both animals can be free. I learned from this book about letting go and helping others in need. I would read more animal ark story later in life because to me each story teaches you new things. Like this book? Read online this: School of Mandy, Biscuits in the Cupboard.

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