Dagger (Thieves' World #5)

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The dagger's blade was double- PDFedged with magic. Dagger (Thieves' World #5) PDF EBook..and danger. And Samlor hil Samt was its new owner. Caravan master, warrior extraordinaire, Samlor had come to the foul city of Sanctuary to protect his niece's claim in a secret inheritance. Yet something dark and savage lurked in the shadowed streets—something evil—born of the mystical blade Samlor dared to wield...

Now, in the fifth full-length novel inspired by Thieves' World, acclaimed author David Drake takes his remarkable warrior, Samlor, on the deadliest of adventures—filled with high royal intrigue, low-down danger, and scintillating sorcery! Like this book? Read online this: Double Danger, Enemies of Fortune (Thieves' World, 2nd Series, #3).

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