Daidoji Yuzan's Code of the Samurai

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For almost 700 years shoguns ruled Japan. Daidoji Yuzan's Code of the Samurai PDF EBook These "gentleman warriors" developed a dedicated system of honor and strict guidlelines of behavior that Taira Shigesuke first brought together in his 16th century book—Bushido Shoshinshu. Present to a modern audience in clear, easy- PDFto-read English, this new translation captures the majesty of the higher principles as well as the usefulness of the daily advice.

From principles such as "a samurai should keep foremost in his mind the fact that he must die" to rules regarding duty, personal obligation and even money management, this book sets out the guidelines that defined Japan's "way of the warrior." Honor and obligation are emphasised above all to the reader, who is taught that a samurai is expected to be indifferenet to pain, unquestioningly loyal, and an expert in his training. Like this book? Read online this: Principles of Mental Physiology; With Their Applications to the Training and Discipline of the Mind, and the Study of Its Morbid Conditions, Code (Code:Breaker, #3).

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