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Daken sets out to Hollywood to make something of himself – unfortunately, “making something” to Daken means controlling yet more drug trafficking in another city from Madripoor to Los Angeles. Daken PDF EBook But as he plugs in to the LA drug scene, tied inexorably with the movie industry, he finds a new drug called Heat is the only drug to affect him, beating his healing factor like nothing else before. The downside to the euphoria are the blackouts and, just as these start, someone is going around LA cutting up wannabe actors…

Daken is a great character but I think in the hands of an inferior writer to Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu such as Rob Williams, he can devolve into a rather dull anti- PDFhero, chasing drugs, money and power rather than something more interesting. And while the sub-plot of the mysterious murdering butcher of LA is mildly interesting, the cop character investigating the murders and Daken is more of a template character that many people who have read crime books or seen crime TV shows or movies will have seen before (think Clarice Starling).

Ron Garney supplies art for the first of the four issues, a less talented artist picking up the bulk of the book though I did like his depictions of Daken’s mind on Heat.

Daken as a character is deeper than he is presented here and his actions, while villainous, are far from the complex charm of his earlier stories and I feel he deserves better stories than the one in “Big Break”. For a better Daken story see “The Prince”. Like this book? Read online this: Character Actors in Horror and Science Fiction Films, 1930-1960, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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