Dancing with Edward

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Money laundering, code- PDFsecurity violations, credit frauds, cyber stalking, identity thefts. Dancing with Edward PDF EBook Sue Anne Jones, newly minted FBI non-Special Agent, knew when she joined NIPC's online security team that cybercrime was on the rise. She also knew that she (as her avatar Sekhmet) and her team were going to have their virtual hands, paws, claws, whatever, full. However, when seemingly run-of-the-mill virtual thefts turn into real-life murders, the boundaries between the V-net and tangible reality tangle with a vengeance. Tracking the identities of the victims, Sue follows a tip to the Curiosity Shop, and meets Edward D'Eath, a charming avatar with elegant dance moves and inside information about the cracks in V-net security—but whose side is he on? Like this book? Read online this: Information Security, Edward VI.

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