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This book is third in the series starting with 'Wolf Strap' and then 'Silver Kiss'. Dark Hunt PDF EBook The confrontational lesbian wolf shifter and her super supportive mate take a week long vacation in Paris, France to try to mend fences between themselves and have a romantic lovely vacation. Not in the cards! I think there were about three instances when the two lovers had touristy moments or hot, romantic clinches. I was surprised and delighted that this book outdid the second one in the series for horrific hassles, trips to the hospital, and encounters with ‘Le Monstre’. I could not put it down for more than a few minutes, as I was super hooked into the mystery, murder, and mayhem. Fantastic!

Ayla is much more sensitive and drawn to what is referred to generically as pack activity. She had left her lone wolf status at the end of the first book and jumped into pack doings in the second book. This vacation was to help mend fences with her non- PDFwolf mate, which meant ‘no pack activity’. No such luck. On the street outside their window, a rather pregnant wolf shifter they met earlier howls to the heavens by her murdered boyfriend. Both Ayla and her mate become immediately involved with this situation. Only Ayla experiences a gut-wrenching fear, as she gets closer to the victim. That is just the start!

Shannon is Ayla’s non-wolf mate. She is also the super lover of churches like Notre Dame, museums, major tourist sites like the Catacombs, and just strolling along the Seine. This vacation had all the elements to help mend fences and spark loving moments. Oops. The pregnant wolf shifter crying on her knees at the site of her dead lover is also their neighbor in the apartment a friend lent them for the week. This is just the first wounded stranger that kind of plops in Shannon and Ayla’s lap before the week barely gets under way. This does not make great vacation vibes, but both women are drawn to folks in need for strong and separate reasons.

One extraordinary crisis after another nearly overwhelms our primary lovers. The intensity and the level of injuries involved made book two look a bit like a walk in the park. Our lovers should have booked rooms at the hospital! Even though there was bunches of brutal confrontations with mob scenes and Le Monstre, it was very exciting to have Ayla and Shannon side by side as they attempted to save their charges and themselves from such dire circumstances. I howled when Shannon tells Ayla they should go to Scotland next year as much for the fact that Shannon was also up to her ears in the action. I cannot wait to see what the next book holds for us. I definitely recommend this book! Plus, it will be even more enjoyable if you read the first two.

NOTE: This book was provided by Evernight Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. Like this book? Read online this: The Book of the Magnakai (Joe Dever's Legends of Lone Wolf, #8), Dark Eclipse #13 - The Dark Moon Digest e-Monthly.

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