Data Structures and Algorithms

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You might think, in a field like computer science a book from the 1980s might be useless, because development in computer science is progressing so fast. Data Structures and Algorithms PDF EBook But that's not true. The basics, like data structures and algorithms, have been established from the 50s to 70s, and I found few difference between the topics discussed in this data structures book on the one hand and two more recent books that I've read on the topic. Having found that directed graphs are still directed graphs, b- PDFtrees are still b-trees, and quicksort is still quick, the age of an introductory book to algorithms obviously doesn't matter so much. Then what matters more is the way it's presenting and explaining things, the overall didactic structure. And from this point of view I found this edition here the most accessible introduction. The images are usually illuminating, the text is easily understandable. Some math formulas could be a little bit ominous, but that's the case to me in all those books on the topic that I've touched so far. Another little disadvantage that comes with the age is that all the programming code examples are given in Pascal. But even that is a manageable disadvantage: Even without any active proficiency in that outdated language, the examples are still readable and understandable to people with experience in Java or a newer programming idiom. Like this book? Read online this: Algorithms And Data Structures, Data Structures and Algorithms in Python.

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