Daughter of the Bright Moon (Rifkind, #1)

PDF EBook by Lynn Abbey

EBook Description

"Priestess, Healer, Warrior, Witch"

In a desert world ruled by men Rifkind has always been one apart. Daughter of the Bright Moon (Rifkind, #1) PDF EBookA chieftain's daughter, she has learned to wield a sword while all other women are bound by tribal custom to children and the cooking fire.While other women are chattel to their men, Rifind has been Marked by the Goddess for Her own.

When her clan is massacred, Rifkind's essential solitude is only confirmed.Alone, prompted by her Deity, she sets forth on a quest for her destiny, a desitiny that will shake and shape the world...for an- PDFSoren waits in his dark tower knowing that she must come to him in time. Like this book? Read online this: Women Workers in the Second World War, The Moon's Fire-Eating Daughter.

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