Dawn's Big Move (The Baby-Sitters Club, #67)

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this book is dreadful. Dawn's Big Move (The Baby- PDFSitters Club, #67) PDF EBook dawn misses california, her father, & download; jeff. she finally asks her mom if she can move back to california for six months. mrs. schafer calls mr. schafer, they both talk to the guidance counslors at their local middle schools, & they give dawn permission. she is stoked. at the last second, she becomes concerned that claifornia won't live up to her memories of how awesome it is, & she decides not to go, but mrs. schafer gently talks her into it. the babysitters club give her a surprise going away party attended almost exclusively by sitting charges & serving almost nothing but sugary sweets. that's it.

the B-plot involves the run for your money charity field day thing. the schafer-spiers enter, as does the babysitters club. stoneybrook teams are playing against teams from nearby mercer & whiever town wins the most events will have money donated to the charity of its choosing. stoneybrook wins. there's some light amusement when richard considers entering an underwear race, & an even tries to practice for it, but other than that...boring. Like this book? Read online this: Dawn (California Diaries, #7), Welcome to the BSC, Abby (The Baby-Sitters Club, #90).

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