Deadlands (PEG6000)

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The world is in ruins and the Reckoners are walking the earth, but that won't stop your hero. Deadlands (PEG6000) PDF EBook Players can investigate the ruins of this new world as a syker, soldier, technomage, or radiation priest. Do you have what it takes to survive the hostile wastes?This core rulebook includes everything you need to get your posse wandering the irradiated plains in the much- PDFanticipated sequel to the award-winning Deadlands: The Weird West. Besides all the normal stuff on making characters and blowing stuff up, there's also juicy information on Doomsayers, junkers, sykers, Templars, and — of course — the Harrowed. Like this book? Read online this: A Visit from the Duchess and other award-winning stories from the Stringybark Speculative Fiction Award, Deadlands Noir (S2P10704, Savage Worlds).

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