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Reading all types of true crime and working in law enforcement, I felt that this book was very well written. Deadly Pretender PDF EBook
The mind of a narcissist is complex and frightening. It's amazing how many red flags they put up that people simply don't see. Once a person is "in love" it is easier to convince them of the most unrealistic things. I LOVE the fact that Kingsbury outlines the different personality traits that David possessed. His need to feel superior to people. His need to make a lot of money and be seen as desirable. His need to lie to accomplish these things. His ability to make a person believe the fantasy.
Dorothy comes across as a typical person. She wants to believe the man she loves so badly that she is willing to believe and accept anything. Even his story of working for the CIA. She never once considered that if that was the case then he wouldn't be able to tell her anything. His excessive and prolonged travel were readily accepted because she wanted it to be true. Yet, it turns her case into a typical domestic violence case. He had her sell a profitable business, move twice and turns her daughter against her. These things went on for twelve years with her. Luckily, he was never violent with her.
Jayne has been burned before but she's willing to gamble on the suave millionaire. Yet, in her case, the domestic violence scenario begins playing out immediately. Their relationship got very serious, very quickly. He controlled where they lived, where they went, whether she worked or not. His control escalated very quickly and involved violence early on. He escalates quickly from shoving, to strangling, to killing her. The whole time she knows he's dangerous and yet she talks herself out of being afraid. Typical actions in abuse.
I LOVE the fact that all of these are spelled out in the book. Kingsbury even included checklists from DSM- PDFIII to compare people with. We need more books like this that take the time to spell out what happened. It's well researched, well documented and very well presented. Like this book? Read online this: Do You Matter? How Great Design Will Make People Love Your Company, The Pretender (The John Swale Chronicles, #7).

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