Death of Butterfly

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Art teacher Amanda returns home to find her husband, Mathew, murdered. Death of Butterfly PDF EBook The police have no leads and the only clue is a missing photograph album. Amanda soon learns that her husband had been taking out loans against her home, leaving her in negative equity, a fact the police are quick to latch onto. And despite the threatening letters that have been arriving daily, with photographs from the stolen album, Amanda quickly becomes the main suspect.

Terrified, panicked and with no one to turn to, Amanda flees to her aunt Dorothy, in London, where she tries to put together the pieces of Mathew’s mysterious past. Can Amanda, with Dorothy’s guidance, ever come to terms with what has happened? And can she solve the mystery before the sender of the threatening letters finds her?

‘Death of a Butterfly’ is the story of an incredible transformation. Like this book? Read online this: Amanda Rose, Butterfly.

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