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I have absolutely no idea how to rate this. Death Scenes PDF EBook And that's a first for me. I had no idea there was any collection like this out there. Finding it on a shelf in Borders I was shocked speechless while thumbing through.
I used to read a lot of true crime books, and still read them on occasion so my curiosity has been there for a long time, years at least. So I knew I wanted to go through this and I know I'll go through a few other books I've found since this.
But this is a shocker. I don't know a single person that I would recommend this to who hasn't already seen it. The two people I can think of have already seen it. It's not for everyone. It's hardly for anyone I'd say.
The pictures of the children are hard to look at. They're all hard to look at but looking at a mutilated baby is just beyond words. I think the part that I'm most curious about is the actual human body. Our bodies do amazing, amazing things in different circumstances. Looking at a great many of these photos you just can't believe the body was able to do what it did. In some photos a face morphed into the kind of mess you just can hardly believe is real. You just can't wrap your brain around it without a photo staring you in the face.
I think I'd have like to have met Huddleston. I liked the intro guessing at Huddleston's reasons for his scrapbook. Who knows why he collected these pictures? I think maybe it's right on that he wanted others to have to see what he had to see.
I think this might just make someone thinking about suicide stop to think twice. Some, not all of course. But one thing a person probably doesn't think of is their body after - PDF this shows that perfectly. Like this book? Read online this: I Can Read about My Own Body, Behind the Scenes of the Universe.

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