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I exercise my right to my own opinion in reviewing this book as I am quite sure there have been more than a few people who were angry about the story of Velma Barfield. Death Sentence PDF EBookI do believe in God, and I do believe church is good for people.However, this is just one more example of why church itself should not become someone's God.Christians are not perfect and there are so many people, such as Velma, who hide under the umbrella of Christianity while committing horrible crimes.People seem to have the mistaken idea that just because someone is going to church, it should make them above reproach.Velma proved that isn't so.On another note, Velma also should not have been allowed leniency simply because she gained a new understanding of Christianity while in prison.So she was finally able to come to terms with God, that's great.But this country has so often allowed the bleeding hearts to take control and "forgive" in a way that keeps the criminal from enduring the consequences of the actions taken.I say forgive, but don't forget that consequences are necessary and deserved.The people who were killed didn't get a second chance at life.
Jerry Bledsoe was very thorough with his account of Velma's life and crimes. Like this book? Read online this: Big Questions from Little People-- Answered by Some Very Big People, Life Sentence.

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