Death Trance

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Alex. Death Trance PDF EBook He witnessed the murder of a woman heloved, and somewhere in the events leading up to herdeath is the key to identifying her killer. But tofind it, Alex needs to relive those terrifyingmonths via hypnosis. Now, with the help of hissister, a forensic psychiatrist, he's journeying backinto the dark recesses of his mind to experiencethe horror and pain again.

Maddy.Her investigative prowess isn't dimmed by thespecial challenges or her blindness — or by theaccident that has left her a paraplegic. Now she isguiding her brother into the past, listening as hissubconscious memories create a montage of akiller, and coming up with a plan for justice that willendanger her own fragilelife...

The stunning debut of a unique brother- PDFsisterdetective team, Death Trance shedsfascinating new light on forensic hypnosis, adoorway into the mind's locked chambers of memory andterror.

"Hair-raising...Introducing a unique and charming heroine with anequally compelling supporting cast."— Mostly Murder

"Finely crafted, elegantly written... A novel ofsheer suspense — it tales off at a run and never letsup." — Alfred Hitchcock's MysteryMagazine

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