Deepening Your Conversation with God

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Learn to Love to Pray
If you long to call your prayer time "sweet," but usally find it flat or without taste. Deepening Your Conversation with God PDF EBook..
If you thirst to know God through prayer, but too often fail to find the time for prayer...
If you desire conversation wtih God, but tend toward a monologue instead...
Ben Patterson, with "I've been there too" reassurance, will encourage and inspire you to turn your prayers from a spiritual discipline to a much- PDFanticipated delight. In this want-to-pray guide, he describes prayer as the work of the Christian, explaining why God covets your prayer and how it gets God's work done on earth. Like this book? Read online this: Do the Gods Hear Our Prayers? (A Prayer for Peace, #1), Days of Deepening Friendship.

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