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The Gold Bug tells the adventure of Mr. Der Goldkä download; fer PDF EBook William Legrand, a recluse and entomologist, who finds a gold bug which eventually leads him to a buried treasure of pirates.

He had hunted down and secured, with Jupiter's assistance, a scarabaeus which he believed to be totally new, but in respect to which he wished to have my opinion on the morrow.
"And why not tonight?" I asked, rubbing my hands over the blaze, and wishing the whole tribe of scarabaei at the devil.

The narrator is very skeptical, and doesn’t believe in Legrand’s phantasmagoria. But worrying for him, he decides to help him in his quest and tries to save him from his own “madness”.

The blurb says it is a disturbing, partly horror tale: well, neither horror nor disturbing parts here. This story is about a treasure hunt and Legrand’s way of succeeding: a series of coincidences and deductions, deciphering clues and cryptanalysis.

With a great storyline and amusing narration, it is a highly entertaining story.
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