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Williams allows the reader to play the role of voyeur by offering us her quartet of erotic poems. Desert Quartet PDF EBookHer lover is nature itself, whom she parses into the elements earth, water, fire and air. Her poems, of course, are quite sensual, descriptive, and crammed full of luscious images. Nevertheless, Mary Frank provides artwork as suggestions for visualizing the persona of the poem.

Through word and image, readers can observe the poem's persona walk on hot sandstone, caress canyon walls, adorn herself with a frog carcass, swim in a desert lake, commune with the crackling flames shooting from a juniper branch, and take inspiration from the expiration of various creatures sharing the dry desert atmosphere.

But the poems are not merely sensual. They are philosophical too, asking questions about the relationship among living things and the vacillating nature of passion. These are good questions, but ones best addressed by putting the book down and wandering into the closest wilderness available, even if it's the wildness inherent in the body of the reader's beloved.

I used to live in Utah, and I have traveled to areas similar to the landscape she describes.I am a bookish sort, an indoor enthusiast. But reading TTW's quartet of poems unveiled a desire to find splendor in the grass—or in the rocks, water, fire and air—of the nearest available expanse of nature. Like this book? Read online this: Saint Jerome in the Wilderness and Other Poems, The Quartet.

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