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Who is designing the classics of tomorrow? Designers on Design answers these questions and discusses the elements that set great designers apart. Designers on Design PDF EBook A beautifully illustrated guide to today's cutting- PDFedge furniture and product designers, it features interviews with each of the designers asking questions such as, What product do you wish you had designed?, What was your big break?, What influences your work? and What's the greatest challenge you face in your work?. A potted biography introduces each designer and beautiful photographs illustrate not only the designer's own work, but also the influences that inspire them and sketches or their ideas in progress. The book places each designer in historical context and an illustrated time-line running from the 1920s to the present day - and even looking into the future - forms part of the introduction and shows that the modernism of 100 years ago is still influential today. Like this book? Read online this: Designers Are Wankers, Designers Are Wankers.

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