Dicing with Dragons

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Hopelessly outdated now, it was a little outdated even as the Signet edition was first published. Dicing with Dragons PDF EBookMainly interesting today as a snapshot look at the RPG industry as it existed in 1983.

Ian Livingstone is best known as the co- PDFfounder of Games Workshop, and when he wrote this book he was still editor of their White Dwarf magazine (and White Dwarf was still primarily an RPG magazine).

The book itself covers a wide number of topics, including:
A general introduction to RPGs
A choose-your-own-adventure style solo game
An introduction to four of the more popular games of the time (D& download; D, Traveller, Tunnels & Trolls, and RuneQuest)
A listing of other games & accessories available with a couple of lines of description of each.
A figure painting guide (focusing on enamel paints!)
A guide to gamemastering
An overview of RPGs on computers
A discussion of early LARPs (so early that they aren't called that yet). Like this book? Read online this: Hoyle's games improved being practical treatises on whist quadrille piquet chess back-gammon draughts cricket ... In which are contained the method of betting at those games ... Revised and corrected by Charles Jones, Esq. A new edition enlarged., Dragons of the Watch (Valley of the Dragons, #3).

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