Die Kunst zu fliehen

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Even though the novel contains a lot of biographical and technical information, and some art historical jargon, even these parts of the story are told in such an imaginative and intriguing way that they never become boring. Die Kunst zu fliehen PDF EBook In fact, I truly admire the voice of the narrator. What is more, these meticulously detailed accounts of the protagonist's environment create the "sich in kleine Dinge zu versenken" part of the story.
The narrator's adventure trip through North America and Europe, which tells the story of painter Gunnar Widforss' travels, caters for the "groß download; e Kontinente zu entdecken" portion of the story. This aspect of the story, too, gave me what I had expected and allowed me to escape/fliehen, as promised.
However, towards the end of the book, the author abandons this symbolic ecocritical language that was created throughout the better part of the story in order to have the narrator openly hypothesise about climate issues, questions of climate change, who's to blame and the narrator's opinion of Thoreau and Emerson. The narrator's wagging finger in a way suddenly ruins the thoughtful atmosphere that is created by the protagonist's observations during the journey into the wild. I would have preferred a deeper and more discreet approach to the topic, which might have fit the novel's atmosphere better.
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