Dinosaurs Galore!

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"Dinosaurs Galore!", by Giles Andreae, is a brightly illustrated book about some popular dinosaurs, each of whom is described in a chunk of charming, rhyming, rhythmic text. Dinosaurs Galore! PDF EBook This book lends itself very well to being read outloud and is an entertaining read. The dinosaur names are written out phonetically, which is helpful if one hasn't encountered them before. I rated it low, however, because of some really weird anatomical... mistakes? choices?... the artist made. For instance, painting triceratops with a middle horn not on the nose/beak but instead above the eyes. What? That's just one example, there were a few others, and they upset my dinosaur- PDFfan child. It's one thing to have a cartoony, stylized dinosaur. It's another to slap horns wherever you feel like and call it a day. Like this book? Read online this: The Illustrated Dinosaur Field Guide, Fairies, Trolls, & Goblins Galore.

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