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Lovely book, really a tribute to a woman who was a Buddhist saint and had a powerful effect on many. Dipa Ma PDF EBookDipa Ma (meaning mother of Dipa) was born in 1911, a descendant of the original Buddhists of India.At 12, she was married to a man of 25. Though she was drawn to meditation at an early age, shelived the life of a "householder," being a wife and mother, making her life her practice.Her meditation continued in earnest, and she attained enlightenment in an astonishingly short time, becoming the teacher of three American Buddhists who brought Buddhism to the West—Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, and Jack Kornfield.

The book includes direction and encouragement for meditators and touching, humorous stories like this one:"Dipa Ma and I were on an airplane coming to the States from India.It was very, very turbulent, and at one point the plane hit an air pocket and dropped.Drinks and other objects flew up to the ceiling as the plane dropped downward before hitting stable air again.I kind of screamed.Dipa Ma was sitting across the aisle from me and she reached out and took my hand and she just held it.Then she whispered, "The daughters of the Buddha are fearless."

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