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I am still reading it and it is good so far. Dismembered PDF EBook Well written but I am so shocked. A woman's body is found. She died and is one of the few that was not dismembered by this serial killer but then she's got dismembered by the Lousiana coroner! When they cannot identify bodiesthey just cut of the head and sent it of to LFU for research purpose. WTF!!! Not that long later (a few months) her family was told she was murdered and had to bury her headless corpse. Crazy!

Update January 31 2011.
Finished it during the night. This is how a true crime book should be written. No spoilers. It starts when they find a body then we go back to the beginning of the killers upbringing. In a very well detailed way Susan Mustafa go's through Sean Gillis his life,the manner in how he murdered and then slaughtered his victims. He did have a relationship with a girl called Terri. I realize that the author needed this woman cause she had lived with hum for many years but what a horrible woman she is. Even though she knew what he had done she still stands by him. Ok fair enough but she is also still calling him a sweetheart and a nice guy!!!. One week after her boyfriend was caught she called her ex (she had not spoken with him for years, largely because he too was in jail) and told him she needed him and she had changed. If she wanted something she had to get it now! So he jumped to her and I think they immediately got it on and he moved in with her. What disgusts me most is that she and him are still living in that house were women were slaughtered and in the book a photo was shown where they proudly showed a place in the house where sometimes a lot of blood comes up to the surface. Crazy!!

Anyway.Sean gets caught after about half of the book, 200 pages but I did think the trial was interesting too.

I am a bit disgusted with the outcome but that is American justice for you. (one name. Casey Anthony)

I also liked how Susan really tried to give life to the women that he murdered and their families. She did a very good job.
Only negative thing I can say about this book is some of the photos were unnecessary. Pictures of the kitchen, the place where someone was murdered does nothing for me. Now what to give this book. I am hesitating between4 and 5 stars. 4.5 for me.Oh well I am going to give it a 5 cause alas it does not happen as much that a new true crime book is so good. I hope she will write more interesting books. I will keep a look out. Like this book? Read online this: How to Write the Feel-Good Book of the Year - Advice for Fiction Writers, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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