Dispensationalism, Rightly Dividing the People of God

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This book was kind of mediocre at best. Dispensationalism, Rightly Dividing the People of God PDF EBook The book is split into three parts, each relating to an aspect of dispensationalism (Church- PDFIsrael distinction, soteriology, and eschatology) and in the proceeding chapters of those parts he gives an assessment and critique of these aspects of dispensational theology. Great idea, poor execution.

The problem is that part 2 of the book, his assessment and critique of dispensational soteriology, is completely pointless. He basically just says they are wrong because it doesn't follow the Calvinist TULIP model. However, because dispensationalists are not the only ones who haven't bought in to the TULIP view of salvation, he burns several other bridges along the way. And at the end comes to the conclusion of Dispensationalists are Arminians and states that that is obviously un-Biblical.

As he finally moves on, he goes into dispensationalist eschatology which is actually a core tenant to dispensational theology and is therefore much more helpful and interesting.

The book as a whole is fine, not the most interesting, but knowledgable at points and a very easy read. My biggest critique is just that in part 1 he makes an emphatic point to clearly define what makes a dispensational theology stand out, comes to the conclusion that it is their Church-Israel distinction and that alone (their eschatology hinges on this axiom and thus does not stand apart from the church-Israel distinction),then in part 2 takes the majority of the book tearing them apart for being too Arminian and not Reformed Calvinists, and in Part 3 and in the Appendices makes several statements like, I wish the would just move over into Reformed theology.

Overall, the book felt like a child's reaction and retaliation to some dispensational bullies from his days at Dallas Theological Seminary before transferring to Reformed Theological. Like this book? Read online this: The Theology of the Book of Isaiah, The people of the State of New York, respondent, against Charles Schweinler Press, a corporation, defendant-appellant. A summary of facts of knowledge submitted on behalf of the people.

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