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Churches of Christ are now in a time when the dominant voices of the twentieth- PDFcentury tradition are being questioned - gently by some, more sharply by others. Distant Voices PDF EBook In a time of questioning, it helps to hear some of the 'distant voices' - those who once occupied a significant place in the heritage but who have been remembered selectively or not at all. This book is an exercise in remembering. It listens to some of the forgotten voices - voices like Baron Stone, Nancy Cram, Alexander Campbell, Robert Richardson, Benjamin Franklin, David Lipscomb, Burke Hinsdale, Silena Holman, T.B. Larimore, James A. Harding, K.C. Moser, G.C. Brewer and others. These distant voices invite the reader to pull up a chair and listen in on the lively conversations out of which the heritage of Churches of Christ took shape.By listening in one will discover a heritage that is broader, richer and more diverse than previously imagined. In the process one will also catch bright glints of time-tarnished ideals, and find unexpected resources for today. Like this book? Read online this: I Hear Voices, Distant Corner.

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