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In late 1984, we were living in an apartment in Uppsala, Sweden. Diwan ö download; ver Fursten av Emgión PDF EBook Our neighbor in the adjoining house was B, the charming director of the local theater. He shared his apartment with his boyfriend M, a sulky, good looking young actor, and he also had a girlfriend who would sometimes stay over. Their bedroom was separated from ours by a thin wall; you could hear enough to get a fair idea of what was happening after they'd retired for the night. They all seemed to be having a remarkably good time.

B was an energetic and enterprising person. Not content with putting on bread- PDFand-butter plays at Uppsalas Stadsteater - I remember seeing a rather nice production of Pygmalion - he wanted to try his hand at something edgier. He had a longstanding fascination with Gunnar Ekelöf, a mid-20th century Swedish surrealist author; in particular, he wanted to stage Diwan, Ekelöf's epic poem about a Byzantine prince who is tortured, castrated and blinded, but none the less manages to find a mystic inner peace. I imagine the theater considered the idea too speculative. Nothing deterred, B decided he would do it at home, with the help of his little ménage.

The rest of this review is in my book What Pooh Might Have Said to Dante and Other Futile Speculations

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