Doctor Who and the Sea-Devils

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I can feel myself starting to drag in the my challenge to read all my Doctor Who Books. Doctor Who and the Sea- PDFDevils PDF EBook Took longer to finish this one and even longer to post my review. Slowly, but surely carrying on.

With the Target novelizations, you get glimpses of what could be great stories, but see how they are curtailed by the page limit set on them. If you remember Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters (The Silurians), then you have the same plot, except at sea.

A group of realities who use to rule the Earth, that went into hibernation, and are awoken to find Earth taken over by the mammals. They want to reclaim the Earth and The Master is helping them. Not original on the plot, though made different by setting it with the sea version of the Silurians.

Even though Malcolm Hulke takes time to flesh out what happened with The Master and more background to Trenchard, the story is just bland as a novel. I preferred the televised version over the novelization. Like this book? Read online this: The Killer Instinct and Other Stories from the Great Depression/the Dark Earth and Other Stories from the Great Depression/Back to Back Flip Inverted, Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors (Target Doctor Who Library, No. 33).

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