Doctor Who (Big Finish Audio Drama, #7)

PDF EBook by Mike Tucker

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This has some major plus points in my opinion:

Sylvester McCoy's delivery is such a crowing, sneering masterpiece of Doctorly disdain and outrage. Doctor Who (Big Finish Audio Drama, #7) PDF EBook

Librarian Elgin is a great character, voiced excellently.

It's about a library! A massive library that houses all of knowledge everywhere!

There's a sentient species that lives in the water of a rainy planet. Since human beings are mainly water, it can live in us, even take over our bodies.

Daleks! With silly strident voices!!

Some great byplay with Ace where we get a glimpse of the TARDIS library. I love it when we get little domestic details about the old blue box.

And it's the old Faustian story about how the quest for knowledge can lead to unholy deeds.

On the minus, nothing much. This one really worked for me even though it isn't a general favourite.

PS: The massacre in the library was an especially chilling piece of aural drama. Like this book? Read online this: The BOOK OF VIRTUES VOLUME II OF AN AUDIO LIBRARY OF GREAT MORAL STORIES, Doctor Who (Big Finish Audio Drama, #131).

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